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                          As a leading provider of mobile device accessories and retail solutions, Tessco Technologies has long standing relationships with an expansive portfolio of accessory brands and a diverse customer base, allowing us to serve as the vital link connecting our customers and manufacturer partners. We are committed to exceptional speed-to-market so our customers have the right products for new device launches and beyond.

                          MAP AGREEMENT & RESELLER GUIDELINES


                          Do not promote, market, advertise, offer to sell or sell any product on or through any online marketplace or auction service (e.g., Amazon Marketplace, Ebay or similar websites).

                          DO NOT ADVERTISE ANY PRODUCTS UNDER THE MSRP (Listed on

                          The manufacturer's suggested retail price must be the only price advertised. This assures large profit margins for everyone.

                          Why do Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements exist?

                          • - Promote fair competition across all distribution channels
                          • - Maintain brand identity and value
                          • - Allow smaller sellers to compete with larger retailers
                          • - Prevent underpricing
                          • - Protect seller margins

                          Although MAP agreements protect seller margins, price isn't the only concern. Brand identity is also a valued factor to retailers.

                          For example, if a pair of sneakers are always sold for $200 both online and in store, they may appear more valuable to shoppers than a different brand of shoes that can be found at varied cheaper prices.

                          Consistent and controlled pricing sends a message to buyers: If you want this brand of sneakers you're not going to find it anywhere else cheaper, which ultimately gives the product value.


                          Why are Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements difficult to enforce? Because of leaks in the supply chain, resellers can obtain authentic products and sell them online below their MAP pricing.

                          For several years, brands have asked online marketplaces to help them find and punish unauthorized resellers for their violations but unfortunately for retailers, Amazon takes a percentage of third party sales within their marketplace.

                          Online marketplaces are extremely hesitant to enforce seller pricing agreements and risk losing revenue. Manufacturers should always keep an eye for MAP pricing because they are responsible for reporting any violations.

                          MOBILE DEVICE ACCESSORIES

                          Mobile device products including audio, cases, cables, memory, power, screen protection, hands-free devices, and more.

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